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Using animals for testing food items, medicines, cosmetics, and synthetic chemicals more has become a hotly debated topic in the last decade. Though guinea pigs and rats were originally used for such testing procedures, a voice was raised against this cruelty and gradually, this started changing. Less and less companies decided to use animal testing and a lot stopped it altogether.

Most companies and laboratories didn’t pay much of a heed to this rising voice initially, yet they changed their view once it was proved animal testing was much worse than presumed. Soon more people began understanding exactly why animal testing is bad and it was banned by various countries and organizations. This led to several campaigns of trying to get as many companies as possible to follow suit. Today animal testing is still here for now, but as more and more consumes become educated about it, more people are standing up for animals.

If you aren’t really sure why animal testing is bad, then wait till you read this!

Animal Testing Is Cruel

The first reason why many animal rights activists consider animal testing to be dangerous, is because of the effects it has on the animals being used. They may not be humans, but they too suffer from excruciating pain, uneasiness, trauma and much more when subjected to various clinical trials repeated. If you have a pet or desire to have one, then you’ll understand how they suffer when they fall sick or are injured. The same happens to the animals being used for testing and that too, at a higher level. So, it is outright cruel.

Violation of Animal Rights

Not all animals that are used for clinical trials have their own set of animal rights. Naturally, the laboratories have no duty to respect their rights while carrying out tests. Often animals are badly mutilated or traumatized before they are euthanized. Not only that, animals that have their rights protected, may also suffer beyond imagination. This is mainly because these studies are conducted behind the closed doors and abominations of the rules are rarely reported. If no one can see the terrors then they often don’t report them.

It Isn’t Guaranteed

Though humans may have evolved from apes, they have developed a lot over thousands of years making them much different from their ancestors. Naturally, carrying out a test on closely related apes like monkeys and chimpanzees is in no way a standard for labeling products good for human use. Our bodies may react quite differently to a chemical or compound than an animal would do and thus the tests do not guarantee any safety for humans.

It Is Immoral

As humans, it is totally unethical to sentence a free, thinking animal that has its own feelings to a life behind the bars. In fact, animals that are being used for testing live a much more free and independent life than we humans do and suddenly announcing a lifetime sentence till death is really against the usual conscience. They are not inanimate and so, it is totally wrong to use them and treat them as we feel.

It Creates Negative Impact

Not only is animal testing bad for the animals, but to humans as well. It may so happen that an animal reacts in a negative way to a life-saving drug whereas a human may have reacted positively to the same drug. Thousands of drugs are tested every day and we may be ignoring several life-saving drugs because of a flawed testing method.

Now you know why animal testing is bad, do you really want to continue to injure animals? You have the choice when buying products in the store. Do you continue to burn a blind eye to the inhumane treatment of animals, or do you put a stop to it?

The choice is yours.