The Best Vegan Slippers & Moccasins You Can Buy

No matter how old you are, everybody loves a good pair of comfy slippers! Not only do they keep your feet warm and cozy, but they also stop your feet from getting dirty and feel like you’re walking on clouds.

But due to their history, slippers are known for containing a range of fur, leather, and wool in them which is obviously a problem for us vegans. Does that mean we can’t wear slippers? Not at all!

Luckily, thanks to the advancements of manufacturing and technology, there are now a range of comfy vegan slippers available on the market. So no matter if you’re looking for a brand new pair for yourself or a friend, there’s something out there for everyone.

To help you find the best vegan slippers, we’ve hand-picked our favorites from ethical manufacturers who don’t use animal materials. And the impressive thing is, you won’t even notice the difference from non-vegan slippers! (Apart from feeling much better knowing no animals where harmed in the making of them).

But before we go into our best vegan slippers list, what should you be looking out for when shopping for slippers in the first place? Here’s what you need to know.

What To Look For In Vegan Slippers

Just like when shopping for other vegan shoes, there are lots of things you should be wary of before buying any slippers. This is because slipper manufacturers are known for using a whole range of animal materials to create their slippers, which is obviously not good for us vegans.

The first and most obvious thing to look out for is if they are made of leather or not. Many slippers often have a leather exterior shell, especially those in the higher end product ranges. If you are interesting in some leather shoes then be sure to check what they are made out of, as there is a chance it could be vegan leather (manmade) instead.

The second most common thing to look out for and check is what is inside the slipper. Many manufacturers like to use fur, which is sometimes real and sometimes not. Usually, the more expensive the slippers are, the greater the chance of them being real fur. However, cheaper slippers are most commonly made out of faux fur instead which is totally acceptable.

Last but not least, if a slipper doesn’t have an exterior leather shell, then the chances are it will be made from wool instead. Since wool is an animal byproduct it should be avoided at all costs. But always be sure to check the materials on the manufacturer’s website, some slippers look like wool but are actually synthetic meaning they are manmade.

For many consumers they are often wary about moving away from “traditional materials” such as leather and wool, but trust us, it’s not a bad thing. All of these modern synthetic and manmade materials have plenty of advantages. Not only do they last longer and are more durable, but they are also much cheaper than the real alternatives. Other benefits also include better insulation and being more breathable to stop your feet from becoming sweaty.

Now you know what to look out before buying any slippers, let’s take a look at our top picks!

Women’s Vegan Slippers

There’s nothing worse than getting up in the morning and having to walk on cold tiles or wooden flooring. Make mornings comfier with these ethical slippers that every woman will enjoy.

EVERFOAMS Cozy Memory Foam Slippers

everfoams cozy memory foam slippers

Lightweight and flexible, these cozy memory foam slippers are perfect for wearing both inside and outside the house. Made from cotton (remember cotton is from plants not animals) with a rubber sole and memory foam footbed, these slippers are easy to wash and pack. From the first step you take, these slippers will become your new best friend.

If you like to wear socks while wearing your slippers, then you’ll want to get one size bigger than usual.

TOMS Ivy Slippers

TOMS ivy slippers

Looking for something fluffier while still being vegan? Then look no further! These ivy slippers by TOMS tick all the boxes. Featuring two pom poms on each shoe, these slippers contain a faux shearling lining to keep your feet warm throughout the day.

The exterior shell is made from fabric so there are no signs of wool or leather. They also feature a slip resistant rubber sole, which is perfect for when going outside. The manufacturer TOMS is also very ethical and does a lot of charity work overseas.

BEARPAW Vegan Loki

BEARPAW vegan loki

Made from synthetic leather, these vegan slippers will keep your feet warm wherever you walk. Featuring a soft fabric lining and rubber sole, these BEARPAW slippers not only look great, but are extremely durable. Unlike other cotton and knitted alternatives, the synthetic leather on these slippers is even more durable than real leather.

With 2 colors to choose from, you can go for the traditional white fabric and brown synthetic leather look, or the cooler all black look instead.

RockDove Knit Slippers

rockdove knit slippers

Unlike other slippers on this list, these fancy slippers by RockDove are made from handmade acrylic yarn which are much more flexible, breathable, and durable than traditional yarns. Inside the slippers is a faux shearling lining and soft memory foam to support your feet. Due to the materials they are also machine washable. Available in 3 distinct colors, your feet will thank you later.

Men’s Vegan Slippers

It’s no secret that guys need comfy slippers too… Make the switch to ethical fashion with these cruelty free comfy men’s slippers.

SNUGLEAVES Memory Foam Slippers

snugleaves memory foam slippers

Made from microfiber and faux sherpa, these memory foam slippers are on another level when it comes to comfort. Incredibly flexible and stretchy, these easy slip on slippers are super durable and also feature a rubber non-slip sole.

Thanks to their synthetic materials, these slippers are also machine washable which makes them incredibly easy to clean if they get dirty.

ULTRAIDEAS Memory Foam Slippers

memory foam vegan slippers

If you’re looking for replicas of traditional slip on slippers, then these are what you are looking for. Made from microfiber and a faux wool lining, these slippers also feature an anti-skid sole, which is perfect for walking on slippery surfaces.

Lightweight and breathable, these slip on slippers will feel like you are walking on pillows from the first step. The built in memory foam will also adapt to your foot to ensure the best fit every time.

VLLY Mens Moccasins Slippers

Men’s Moccasins Slippers

From first impressions, these slippers might look like they are made from leather, but they are actually made from microsuede, a manmade material that’s more ethical than leather! The inner lining is also synthetic, meaning no animals were harmed during the production of these slippers.

Due to the inner lining, it’s recommended that you buy 1 size up than your normal size just to be safe and ensure a comfy fit.

TOMS Men’s Berkeley Slipper

toms berkeley vegan slipper

These TOM’s Berkeley slippers feature a rubber sole with a quilted synthetic textile and faux shearling lining. With no animal materials used at all, these slippers past the vegan test. You can also check the official TOMS website to confirm they are vegan.

As part of TOM’s One for One pledge, they will also donate a pair of shoes to a child in need with every purchase. Grab yourself some comfy slippers and help children in need, nice!