The Top Vegan T-Shirts You Need To Own From These Clothing Brands

When it comes to vegan shirts, there are literally thousands to choose from with new ones being made every single day! When looking for vegan t shirts it can be hard to decide if you want something subtle or very “in your face”.

Unfortunately, not everyone in the world is vegan and converting people to the green side can sometimes take a lot of convincing. Well there’s no better way to convince someone that with a constant barrage of subliminal vegan messages on your shirt!

To help you find the perfect vegan shirt for you, we’ve scoured the web to find the cutest, coolest and most awesome shirts out there. No matter if you want to scream from the top of the hills that you’re vegan or you just want to keep it on the down low, here are our favorite vegan graphic tees.

Where to Buy Vegan Shirts?

There are literally hundreds of places out there to buy shirts, from local trade stores to even places like Etsy, you don’t have to look far to find cool vegan friendly shirts. However, before you go out there buying as many shirts as possible, always be sure to check how they are made. Some shirts might have cool vegan messages on them, but are often printed on unethical shirts created by child labor or with the use of animals. To make sure your shirts are entirely vegan, we always suggest researching into their suppliers and productions methods. With that said, we’ve found some great shirts and brands that offer both catchy vegan slogans on ethically made shirts. Scroll down to check out the full list of vegan merch below!

Top Ethical Shirts List

Buff Gorilla

vegan gorilla shirt

If you’re a vegan then you’re probably used to the constant questioning of “how do you get enough protein?”. What most people don’t know is that Gorillas are herbivores and are one of the buffest animals out there. So why don’t they go and ask them if they get enough protein? Yea, we thought not. Own the non-believers with this awesome shirt.

No Difference

vegan difference shirt

There are many people out there that love their pets, but when it comes to their eating habits they won’t hesitate to eat meat. In reality dogs are the same as cows, pigs and other animals, they all live and breathe. This shirt strikes a bold design by comparing a dog to a cow, which by every vegan’s definition is exactly the same. Show the world there is no difference with this hard hitting shirt.

SEGA Vegan

vegan sega shirt

Inspired by the SEGA logo design, this vegan shirt combines the best of both worlds: gaming and veganism! Considering SEGA is only 2 characters away from the word VEGAN, this design fits really well and is bound to turn some heads.

Animals Heart

vegan heart shirt

This shirt is about as simple as it gets slogan wise, but that doesn’t stop it from delivering a powerful message. Show the world that you’re vegan and proud with this simple but bold shirt. Shaped in a heart of all the most commonly eaten animals, this design is sure to get the message across  to everyone who sees it.

Peace Love Veggies

vegan love peace shirt

Based on the classic peace symbol that you’ve probably seen a thousand times, this shirt just about sums up what veganism is all about. Not only is the symbol universally recognized, but it’s also been changed into a range of various vegetables. Just look at all those happy veggies just waiting to be eaten!

Animal Lives Matter

animal lives matter shirt

If you’re a dedicated vegan then you’ll understand that every life matters, especially animal lives. Unfortunately not everyone out there shares the same opinion and mindlessly kill innocent animals in “order to eat and stay alive”. This vegan shirt is an excellent play on the Black Lives Matter movement who regularly protest and campaign over the issues of racial profiling and racial inequality. Available in 5 eye catching colors, this shirt is great for getting the vegan message out there, animals lives really do matter! Tell the world with this rad shirt!


herbivore tee

People often say that vegans never stop talking about veganism, although that might be true, we’re only trying to make you see the light. Sometimes people get put off when they see the word vegan as they instantly label you as “one of those people”. Instead of telling people you’re a vegan, tell them you’re a herbivore! Not only does it mean the same thing, but we think it sounds better. This vegan shirt is a great way to subtle tell people you’re a vegan. In fact, you’ll probably be surprised at how many people ask you “What’s a Herbivore?!”.

I Don’t Eat My Friends

veganism dont eat my friends shirt

As a vegan it’s no secret that you probably LOVE animals. No matter what breed or type of animal, as long as they breathe then they’re your friend. And as well all know, friends don’t hurt each other! This cool vegan shirt gets the message across in plain English. Not only is it a bold statement, but how cute are those animals? Perfect for animal lovers, vegans, and the environmentally conscious, this shirt is a cool way to let everyone know you’re vegan and proud.

AF Top

vegan af shirt

Have you ever just wanted to scream at the top of your lungs I’M VEGAN!? Well this shirt does exactly that. Not only does it tell everyone that you’re vegan, but it also makes sure they know you’re vegan as f**k. If you’re looking for a shirt that slaps people in the face and says HEY I’M VEGAN then look no further.

Powered By Plants

vegan plant powered shirt

Plants are yummy, but we didn’t need to tell you that did we? However, other people might need a little more convincing than that before they see the light. This shirt is very subtle as it doesn’t even mention the word vegan anywhere on the shirt, but it does promote veganism in simple way. What do you turn to when you need an energy boost? A kale shake? Or an avocado coffee? Whatever it is, tell the world you’re powered by plants with the wonderful tee. View more plant powered shirts.

Eating Animals Is Weird

eating animals is weird shirt

When you think about it, eating dead bodies and leftovers of animals is pretty weird. Unfortunately not everyone gets it or thinks about it enough, giving them a constant reminder is definitely the best thing you can do. This vegan shirt sets it straight with a clear bold statement. Damn right it’s weird, and damn right you better stop.

Go Vegan Right Meow

go vegan meow shirt

Many vegans own pets, after all they’re our friends not our food! If you happen to be a crazy cat person then you’ll love this shirt. The clear message and cool kitty will have everyone smiling at your shirt and hopefully putting down those beef burgers. What are you waiting for? Buy this vegan shirt right meow!

Fueled By Avocado

vegan avocado shirt

If you’re a vegan then the chances are you’ve already tasted one of nature’s most delicious offerings: avocado. Not only are avocados extremely delicious, but they’re also very popular with the vegan community. Some people are fueled by meat, while others are fueled by plants, but if you’re fueled by avocado, then this shirt is for you. Featuring a cool little avocado dude, this shirt is sure to attract a lot of positive attention.

Magical Unicorn

magical vegan top

Everyone knows that vegans are exceptionally healthy with some even going as far to say they have super vegan powers. This shirt pretty much sums up what every vegan feels like when they eat their daily dose of greens. Let everyone know that you’re a magical vegan with this awesome shirt!

Cow Power

cow power vegan shirt

As you probably know cows are often bred for their milk and spend a lot of the time being milked on a daily basis. But that’s not all, after only a few years of living they eventually get slaughtered and turned into beef burgers. Can’t these guys catch a break? This shirt helps you show your love for all animals, (especially cows) and gives them a funky vegan hippie makeover! This vegan shirt is definitely a moo-st buy.

Kale’n It

kale'n it t-shirt

As a vegan you probably consume ridiculously quantities of avocado and kale on a daily basis. For all those people missing out on that delicious goodness, it can be hard to express your sorrow. However, that does mean more avocados and kale for you! Tell the world you’re kale’n it with this punny vegan shirt!

Dictionary Definition

vegan definition shirt

If you’ve been a vegan for long enough then you probably get asked numerous times a day “where do you get your protein from?”. Silence those uneducated trolls with this simple shirt and it’s clear message: for the 12th time yes vegetables have protein…

Vodka Top

vodka is vegan shirt

When it comes to being vegan, people often ask you if you miss eating certain foods; mainly cheese and chicken. Well no, why would you miss them when you have vodka? Made from a mixture of corn, wheat, rice and even sometimes potatoes, vodka is most definitely vegan. Don’t let anyone forget that with this awesome vegan shirt!

Top Ethical Clothing Brands List

When it comes to clothing brands most are known for their slave labor, horrible working conditions and aggressive budget cutting. To them, all they see is profit and if they had their way they’d enslave thousands of children and animals to do the work for them. Luckily those aren’t the only clothing brands out there! There are actually plenty of vegan friendly brands that focus on providing stylish, cruelty free clothes. Not only are all the materials sourced from ethical and trustworthy suppliers, but the whole production process is 100% vegan. No child labor, no injured animals, just cute ethical shirts!

Unfortunately these vegan brands don’t get as much exposure as they should and are often hidden in the depths of Google. But to change all that we thought we’d highlight a few of our favorite vegan brands to help get the message out there.

Here are some of our favorite vegan clothing brands that produce a whole range of awesome vegan t shirts and accessories.

Herbivore Clothing Company

herbivore clothing vegan shirts brand

Founded in 2002 by Josh and Michelle, the Herbivore Clothing Company had one mission when they launched: to create good looking ethical clothes that are 100% vegan and stylish. 15 years later and we think they’ve definitely achieved that goal. Not only can all of their clothes materials and production means be traced back to ensure they are 100% vegan friendly, but they also produce a whole range of awesome shirt designs. In addition to making awesome shirts and clothes, the team has also raised money for animal charities, spoke at various vegan festivals and even published some books. These guys are certainly on a mission to transform the vegan clothing industry and they’re doing an awesome job!


beetxbeet vegan shirts

BEETxBEET might sound like a strange brand name, but don’t let that put you off. Founded by graphics designer, vegan and DJ, Jacky Wasserman has created an awesome lineup of striking ethical shirts.  Ranging from bold text tees such as PLANT SLAYER to illustrative graphics featuring kitties, tacos and unicorns, BEETxBEET have got all your vegan needs covered. In addition to making some sweet shirts, BEETxBEET also support local charities and communities by donating profits, volunteering and sponsoring events. Be sure to head on over and give them a visit, we’re positive there are shirts there for everyone.

Talk Vegan To Me

talk vegan to me shirts

Talk Vegan To Me (TVTM) is a vegan clothing brand that specialize in making attention grabbing veganism shirts that aim to trigger conversations. In fact, as stated on their website: “the purpose of our graphic tees is to spark conversations about the kind and sustainable future that is possible for our world“. Founded by 3 women with a vision, Laine, Janel and Andrea have dedicated themselves to creating a vegan friendly brand. By creating topical veganism shirts, they hope that this will open conversation to discuss veganism with everyone and inspire them to change their current ways. With a range of catchy and cool tee shirts (B***h better have my Tofu!), Talk Vegan To Me is an awesome brand we just can’t get enough of!


vegetaryn vegan shirts

This vegan clothing brand has a punny story behind the brand name and how it came to life. Created by Taryn, a 25 year old animal loving, veggie eating, plant lower from Los Angeles; the brand was born when Taryn merged vegetarian and her name to create Vegetaryn. It might not sound like much to you, but we think it’s PUNTASTIC. After spending most of her life eating meat, Taryn finally decided to change her lifestyle and has never looked back! The company now sells a range of vegan and veggie inspired clothing from Eat Your Veggies to Life’s a Peach. With new shirts regularly added it’s definitely worth popping over to see what new stock they have in store.

The Dharma Store

dharma vegan shirts

The Dharma Store is an amazing vegan shop for all of your veganism needs. Founded by a couple vegan couple, their mission is simple: to produce clothes that make you feel good and spread positive vibes to those around you. After spending years developing different vegan clothing, they now produce a range of epic vegan graphic tees. To make sure they’re as ethical and environmentally friendly as possible, all shirts are WRAP certified. This means no use of child or animal labor, while also providing good standards of living to workers. If you need some more good vegan vibes in your life then be sure to heard on above and stock up on their awesome vegan tees.

Looking For More Ethical Clothing Brands?

We hope you enjoyed our list of vegan shirts and added some sweet new tees to your wardrobe. Be sure to check back as we regularly update our list with awesome new additions and brands. Remember to wear your shirts with pride and help change the world one step at a time.