The Best Vegan Dog Food Brands (Plant Based Dog Food)

Plant based diets are great for your body, the environment, and the lives of animals, but would you ever put your dog on one?

When it comes to feeding time, dogs can be particularly fussy, and many owners believe a meat diet is the only way to feed them. However, dogs can survive on an organic and plant based diet just like us humans, meaning less unnecessary animal cruelty and a more sustainable environment.

Compared to meat based dog food, there are countless benefits of going vegan, and in some cases, some dogs can only eat plant based diets. If you’re still stuck in the world that dogs have to have a meat based diet, then we’re here to change your mind.

To get things started, let’s take a look at vegan dog food and why it’s a better alternative to meat based dog food.

Is Vegan Dog Food Healthy?

Many people often believe that dogs need to eat a fully packed meat diet in order to stay healthy, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. The truth is that there are plenty of vegan diet alternatives that can provide the same nutrition as a meat based diet which are cruelty-free and have less impact on the environment.

Traditionally the pet food industry has been dominated by meat based dog food, but in recent years, there has started to be an increase in vegan alternatives. Many owners believe that a dog needs meat in order to grow big and strong, but in reality, it’s not the meat that they need, it’s the protein.

These plant based dog food alternatives provide the same amount of protein without damaging the environment or harming animals. In fact, there are plenty of natural protein sources out there such as peas, that will give your dog all the nutrition they require. Combine this with other ingredients such as oats, sweet potatoes, chickpeas and pumpkin, and a plant-based diet can rival even the most popular meat based ones.

Where to Buy Vegan Dog Food?

If you go to the pet food aisle in your local store, then there’s a good chance you’ve walked past vegan dog food before without even realizing. But truth be told, the isle will most likely be dominated by meat based dog food including chicken and other various meats.

If you are having trouble finding vegan dog food in your local store, then it’s best to take a look online. Not only is there a wider choice, but a lot of cruelty free dog food companies don’t actually sell their products in stores as they are too small.

Without further ado, here is our comprehensive list of the best vegan dog food products available on the market today.

Best Vegan Dog Food List

We’ve scoured the web to find the best vegan dog food on the market today. Here are our hand-picked favorites that should consider trying.

8. Wysong Vegan Feline & Canine Food

wysong dry dog food
  • Great for cats and dogs
  • No artificial additives
  • Suitable for dogs and cats of all sizes and breeds
  • Natural vegan formula with no filler ingredients

Made from natural dry vegan ingredients, this dry pet food is an excellent introduction to the world of pet food. Suitable for both cats and dogs, this pet food contains a comprehensive spectrum and high levels of micronutrients, including prebiotics, enzymes, omega-35, antioxidants and more. With no artificial additives, non-nutritional ingredients or “fillers” this pet food is as organic and pure as it gets.

Created by Wysong who have been making pet food in the USA since 1979, you know you’re going to get quality. Available in 5 lbs bags or multipacks of 4 x 5 lbs bags, this vegan pet food is relatively cheap compared to other brands and is definitely worth considering if you’re on a budget.

7. Nature’s Recipe Healthy Skin Dry Dog Food

nature's recipe healthy skin
  • Natural dry dog food with added vitamins and minerals
  • No corn, wheat, poultry, artificial flavors or preservatives
  • Rich in soybean
  • Contains a range of Omega 3 and 6 acids

Rich in soybean and omega fatty acids, this dog food by Nature’s Recipe is an excellent alternative to the many meat based dog foods currently on the market. Containing no corn, wheat, artificial colors or flavors, this dog food gives your dog the best of the vegan diet. Every ingredient has been chosen for its nutritional value meaning this dog food contains zero filler ingredients.

If you’re looking to make the change from meat based food to vegan-friendly food, then this is a great formula to get them started on. At 30 lbs per bag, this dog food is sure to last you a long time, and considering the price, this bag provides excellent value.

6. KetunPet Vegan Dog Food

ketunpet vegan dog food
  • Ideal for weight control
  • Excellent allergen-free ingredients
  • Bigger bags
  • Provides great nutrition for dogs

Suitable for growing dogs over 12 months old, this dry vegan dog food by KetunPet is an excellent balance of protein content and nutrition that contributes to a well-balanced diet. Using a range of gluten-free raw ingredients such as maize, soybean, quinoa seeds and more, this dog food will provide your dog with a fantastic plant based diet.

Formulated by KetunPet, their entire dog products are designed around dogs with allergies so you can feel safe knowing their dog food is suitable for every type of dog. Available in two different sizes, a smaller 6.6 lbs bag to test out and a larger 22 lbs bag, this dog food is suitable for every breed and size of pooch.

5. Halo Vegan Dry Dog Food

halo vegan dog food
  • Big choice of different sized bags
  • No meat, dairy, corn or wheat
  • No artificial colors, flavors or preservatives
  • Suitable for dogs who are sensitive to animal proteins

For some dogs out there, eating meat is not possible due to their sensitive stomachs or allergies. Luckily, this dry dog food by Halo only has natural ingredients and contains no meat, dairy, corn or wheat, which are the most common allergens. Unlike other dry dog food on the market, this special formula contains no GMO ingredients and absolutely no rice. Instead, the nutrition comes from whole grains, green peas and chickpeas.

Winner of the 2019 award for best dog food by Veg News, it’s easy to see why this vegan food is so popular. Available in a range of different sized bags from a small 4 lbs all the way up to a large 25 lbs bag, this dog food will leave your pooch always wanting more!

4. Natural Balance Barley & Peas

nature balance dog food
  • No artificial colors or flavors
  • Omega fatty acids to support healthy skin & shiny coat
  • A true vegan formula and great alternative to meat-based diets
  • Natural fiber helps support healthy digestion

Despite the confusing name, this “vegetarian” dog food actually contains a vegan formula handcrafted and tested by qualified microbiologists and chemists.

Made with no animal or dairy products, Natural Balance have managed to create an impressive product that includes the same essential nutrients found in diets with meat while only using vegan ingredients.

Including premium energy sources from high-quality ingredients such as brown rice, oatmeal and highly digestible potatoes, this dog food will give your dog plenty of energy.

Available in three different bag sizes including 4.5 lbs, 14 lbs and 28 lbs, this vegan dog food won’t leave a hole in your wallet as it’s very well priced for the bag sizes.

3. Wild Earth Clean Protein Formula

wild earth dry dog food
  • AAFCO & FDA approved
  • High fiber content supports healthy digestion
  • Rich in omega 3 and 6 fatty acids
  • Meatless & high in protein

Featured on the famous TV show Shark Tank, Wild Earth is a vegan dog food brand dedicated to creating the most natural and organic dry food. With a mission to make healthier dog food with less of an environmental impact, Wild Earth are certainly revolutionizing the industry. Their formula contains no animal ingredients, artificial preservatives, flavors, or colors. But that’s not all, it’s also free from common allergens such as corn, soy and rice. The secret ingredient to the dog food is yeast as it provides all 10 of the essential amino acids that dogs need and provides the same nutrition as meat-based protein.

Available in two sizes of 4 and 8 lbs bags, your dog will love this organic and natural taste that harnesses the power of yeast to provide the best nutrition.

2. Petcurean Gather Endless Valley Dry

petcurean gather dog food
  • Clean protein from certified organic & sustainably grown peas
  • Non-GMO ingredients
  • Varied plant protein sources
  • No wheat, corn or soy

A plant-based diet can be a great diet option for dogs and the sustainability of the environment we live in. In order for a plant-based doggy diet to be effective, it needs to contain a sufficient amount of protein to replace the meat-based amino acids. That’s why this dry vegan dog food by Petcurean contains a range of different plant proteins to provide your dog with all the essential amino acids they need. Made from organic non-GMO ingredients, all ingredients are sustainably grown to ensure excellent nutrition and no harm to the environment. The formula also doesn’t contain any wheat, corn or soy which are all common allergens.

Available in two bag sizes of 6 and 16 lbs, this organic dry dog food won’t let your dog or the environment down.

1. V-dog Kind Kibble Dry Dog Food

v-dog kind kibble dog food
  • Huge 20 & 30 lbs bag sizes
  • Contains all essential amino acids with 24% protein
  • 100% plant-based AAFCO approved vegan dog food
  • Doesn’t contain any fillers, wheat, corn, soy or dairy

Founded in 2005, V-Dog is a family business based in San Francisco that is dedicated to creating amazing vegan dog food for every size and breed of dog. With a passion for plant-based diets, their flagship kind kibble dry dog food is certainly impressive when you take a look at their reviews. Including a balanced vegan formula featuring 24% protein with superfood ingredients such as peas, lentils and quinoa, your dog will get all the nutrients and energy that they need. No matter what breed or size of dog you have, this dog food is suitable for all of them.

Available in big 20 and 30 lbs bag sizes, this dog food is sure to last a long time no matter how big your dog is.

Vegan Dog Food Brands

Vegan dog food brands are everywhere, just a few years ago there were hardly any, but now there are new brands being launched every month. If you want to do more research into vegan dog food brands then these are the companies you should be looking into.

Wild Earth

wild earth founders

Founded by Ryan Bethencourt and Ernie Ward, Wild Earth was born after their disappointment and lack of choice in the dog food industry. As dog owners and animal lovers themselves, they went on to develop a plant-based formula that provides 100% of the nutrition a dog needs with a low environmental impact.


v-dog petfood industry magazine

A family business based in San Francisco, the founder created the company in 2005 after inspiration from his two vegan rescue Pitbulls. Vegan owned and operated, the company developed a range of plant-based formulas for dogs of all sizes and breeds. They even became the first vegan dog food company to be featured on the cover of Petfood Industry Magazine.


ami pet food company

Founded in Italy, Ami pet food is a 100% vegan, Italian and pro-active pet food brand that distributes their products to over 25 different countries. Having been in the industry for more than 10 years, Ami knows a thing or two about creating high-quality natural dog food.


benevo animal foods

Based in Hampshire UK, Benevo is a 100% vegan owned family business. For those of you that don’t know, Benevo is short for “Benevolent” which means “promoting the welfare and happiness of each other”. Founded in 2004, their products are now approved by the UK vegan and vegetarian society and they continue to expand their all-natural product range.

Halo Pets

halo pets

The Halo story started with a very sick pet name Spot. Traditional dog foods weren’t helping him with his digestion and sensitive skin issues so his owner went to a chef for advice and they ended up creating their own vegan and organic dog food. As they say, the rest is history and Halo pets food was born and now sells a range of organic products for both cats and dogs.


evolution diet

Founded in 1989 by physician Eric Weisman, Evolution produced the world’s first vegan kibble and continued to expand its product range throughout the years. Now, 30 years on, Evolution is still going strong and ensuring their product is as high quality as ever. With products suitable for both cats and dogs of all ages, Evolution is certainly a vegan dog food brand you can trust.


One of the newest plant based dog food companies to enter the market is Ketunpet. With a strong focus on allergy-friendly products, their formulas exclude all of the common allergies while also being gluten-free and full of nutrition. With ingredients including peanuts, soybeans, quinoa and chia, Ketunpet makes some fantastic products that are worth checking out.

Royal Canin

royal canin

Founded way back in 1968, Royal Canin has been in the industry for over 50 years. In that time, they’ve learned a lot about what should and shouldn’t go into dog food. This experience has helped them produce a range of vegan friendly formulas which are suitable for both cats and dogs.