Talk Vegan To Me Clothing Brand

talk vegan to me clothing brand

Talk vegan to me is an online movement that inspires people to become vegan through a range of ethically sourced apparel and clothing. Founded in the US by Andrea, Janel and Laine, the trio collaborates on a range of vegan clothing with the aim of creating designs that start conversations about veganism.

The trio is also massive animal lovers and supports a range of charities and organizations with profits made from their business. For every item purchased through the online store, one dollar is donated to two Alberta farmed animal rescues, The Alice Sanctuary and Robin’s Refuge. Both of these animal sanctuaries provide love and care to over 100 different animals including horses, donkeys, pigs, chickens, dogs, cats, and dogs.

The Alice Sanctuary primarily cares for abandoned and rescued farm animals. The goal of the century is to empower and inspire visitors to make a positive change in the world around them whether that is switching to veganism or boycotting harmful consumer brands.

Robin’s Refuge is another sanctuary for farm animals and is ran by a mother and daughter duo. Both provide the care and support to all of the animals that they take in, while also providing a range of educational talks and sessions with local schools.

Talk vegan to me sell a range of vegan inspired clothing on their online store, which includes branded tees, as well as hilarious pun-tastic hats. No matter if you’re looking for something minimalist or conversation provoking, talk vegan to me have various clothing ranges you’ll enjoy.

All of their products are sourced from Canada and America using eco-conscious manufacturing practices. The company also works with a small local business in Calgary for the final steps of the design process.

Aside from selling on the online shop, talk vegan to me also have a number of stockists around the world. All of their stockists are background checks to ensure they are ethically friendly and cruelty-free in what they sell. Locations for their stockists include Calgary, Winnipeg and Vancouver. In addition to selling their vegan merchandise in physical stores, they also have various pop-up stores at several festivals throughout the year. This means if you don’t happen to live anywhere near the stockists, then you can always find them at a festival to try on their apparel.

Spread The Vegan Message With Apparel

Talk vegan to me isn’t the only ethical clothing brand that produces a range of vegan clothing and apparel. In fact, there are numerous vegan clothing brands out there that produce a range of products including vegan t-shirts.

If you’re looking to inspire other people and educate them on the benefits of veganism, then getting yourself some vegan inspired clothing is the best way. Not only does it help bring up conversations when talking to people, but the designs are also very cool and cute.

Upgrade your wardrobe by switching to environmentally friendly and cruelty free apparel brands such as talk vegan to me today.