The Best Vegan Cereals To Start Your Day Right

In order to have enough energy throughout the day, making sure you get a nutritional breakfast is crucial. As vegans, we are often limited with our breakfast choices. With traditional breakfast meals such as the full English, bacon sandwiches and cheese toasties off the menu, deciding what to eat can sometimes be tricky.

Even everyday cereals have to be avoided as they often contain gelatin, honey, and artificial colors. With so many breakfast items excluded from the menu, breakfast can often be a repetitive meal with few choices.

But don’t despair, if you’re getting fed up of eating the same meals over and over again for breakfast, then we’ve got just the thing you need. Believe it or not, there are actually quite a lot of vegan cereals out there that cater towards the cruelty free market. Unlike regular cereals, these vegan cereals contain only the finest organic ingredients which have been handpicked from ethical suppliers. In addition to this, they also don’t contain any artificial colors and flavors which are often full of chemicals and have been linked to many health issues.

Before we dive into our list, we first need to answer an important question:

Are Cereals Healthy?

When you think of breakfast, you probably think of snacks full of sugar, artificial coloring, e numbers and honey. Although there are hundreds of cereal brands out there that do contain plenty of artificial sweeteners and coloring, there are also many natural brands that don’t.

The word cereal itself can mean many things and is best described as a spectrum. On the one hand, you have organic and natural snacks that only contain wheat, fruits, and nuts (such as oatmeal, Cheerios and Rice Krispies). Whereas on the other end you have cereals that are pumped full of sugar, artificial sweeteners, colors, and preservatives.

So can vegans eat cereal? Of course, they can! We just have to make sure we know what we’re eating, before we eat it. To give you an idea of what to look out for when searching for vegan cereals, here are some of the top ingredients to avoid.

Common Ingredients to Avoid


Many vegans often forget that they’re not allowed to eat honey. Remember, honey comes from bees which therefore makes it an animal by-product. You might think taking honey from bees is not harming them, but in fact, it does something much worse.

These are responsible for pollinating our plants and flowers, but when we start to disrupt their honey-making process, this often changes their behavior. So much so that it has been reported that many bee colonies have disappeared from their homes causing a huge loss in agricultural crops which are pollinated by honeybees.

Known as the colony collapse disorder, the practices of beekeeping have been directly linked to the decrease in the number of honeybees. By taking bee’s honey, we are directly damaging our agricultural environment. To put it simply, the less bees equals the less delicious plants for us to eat. So before you go buying those honey-covered hoops, be sure to think about the negative effects of beekeeping.


Gelatin is a translucent, colorless and flavorless food derived from various animal body parts. It is most often found in pharmaceutical drugs, cosmetics, vitamin capsules and candy. If you’ve ever seen any candy style cereals in the supermarket, then there’s a good chance they contain gelatin.

If you only pick organic and natural cereals, then it’s very unlikely they’ll contain this ingredient. But since it’s a very common ingredient that can be found in many different foods and sweets, we always suggest double checking just to make sure.

Powdered Milk

When you think of cereals, the last thing you’d expect them to contain is powdered milk. Especially when most people cover theirs in milk anyway. However, many popular supermarket brands often contain powdered milk within the food itself. Most commonly found in chocolate cereals, for example, Weetos, this powdered milk adds texture and flavor to the food. As a vegan, you probably well know that milk is off limits unless it’s soy or almond milk of course!

Just because it’s powdered doesn’t mean it’s any different from normal milk. It’s made in exactly the same way just with a few extra steps. It’s like taking a slab of pork and turning it into a processed hotdog – it’s still mean just in a different format and shape.

With so many non-vegan ingredients that are often found in cereals, are there any out there that are 100% organic at all? Well of course there are! You just need to know the right place to find them.

What Is a Good Vegan Breakfast?

Now that we’ve covered the most common ingredients to look out for in your cereal. What makes a good one in the first place?

A good, all natural cereal will contains things such as:

  • Organic ingredients
  • Ethical suppliers
  • No pesticides or preservatives
  • Produced by an ethical and responsible company
  • No artificial flavors or colors
  • No animal by-products (honey, powdered milk)

Lucky, all the products we’ve hand-picked tick all of these boxes. If you don’t believe us or want to try a different cereal brand, then be sure to do your own research and check for the points above.

Now you know what to look out for in cereals, where exactly do you find these delicious alternatives?

Where to Buy Natural Breakfast Snacks

Organic and natural cereals can literally be found anywhere while shopping, including your local supermarket, shopping mall or convenience store. There’s a good chance you’ve walked past them many times before without even noticing. Although all of our cereal picks are available on Amazon, you can find some of these brands and many more in your local shops. You just need to make sure you know what you’re looking for before you go out hunting!

If you live in a small town and don’t have any local stores, then don’t worry, Amazon can bring the goodness to you no matter where you. With nationwide delivery in every state, you really don’t have an excuse not to make the change.

To help you save on delivery costs and waiting times, it is actually possible to buy bulk orders of several packs. Not only does this mean you want to run out as fast, but you’ll never have that dreaded where you wake up for breakfast and find out you have nothing in.

The Best Natural Breakfast Snacks List

Erewhon Organic Cornflakes
erewhon vegan cereal

The first product on our breakfast list, are these impressive organic cornflakes by Erewhon. To the naked eye these might just look like regular cornflakes, but think again, these cornflakes are ethically produced and contain a lot less nasty stuff. Not only are the ingredients simple and organic, but their ingredients choice also makes these cornflakes gluten-free.

Grown in the US, under USDA regulations, you can be sure these cornflakes are of the highest quality. In addition to all of that, these cornflakes also contain zero fat and sugar, making them the perfect meal to start your day. Why settle for cheap brands that fill their cornflakes with sweeteners added sugar? These are without a doubt best cornflakes buy on the market today.

Earnest Eats Hot Cereal

earnest cereal

Next up on our list is an exciting mix of various superfood grains including, quinoa, oats and amaranth. Created by Eastern Eats who produce a wide range of other organic and natural foods, the mixture also includes cashews, almonds, and sunflower seeds. This makes the cereal 100% organic, natural, and most importantly: vegan.

If you’re fed up of eating regular oatmeal, then we highly recommend giving this a try. Not only does it contain plenty of ingredients that are high in fiber and nutrients, but the superfood grains will give you buckets of energy all day.

Gluten Free Viki’s Granola

vikis granola

Granola is a very popular breakfast that is loved by many around the world. With very few ingredients in the recipe, you’re always sure to get natural and organic ingredients. However, a lot of big brands that sell granola often fill them with unnecessary ingredients and chemicals. This kind of defeats the point of granola in the first place. After all, it’s meant to be an organic blend of natural ingredients including oats, and nuts.

If you’re looking for a super healthy granola without any of the added extras, then Viki has got just the granola for you. Started by a busy mom in her very own kitchen, Viki’s granola has become so popular that she decided to start her own company. Viki puts the success of her granola down to its natural and organic ingredients that make it gluten-free and non-GMO verified. Why give your money to the big corporations, when you can support an ethical homemade brand?

Gluten Free Bakery on Main Granola

bakery on main granola

If you regularly eat granola, then you should know how try and claim it can sometimes be. Even with added notes and fruits, it can sometimes feel like it is missing that special ingredient. To mix things up, the guys over at Bakery On Main have developed an incredibly yummy granola recipe which you’ve never tasted before.

Infused with dried cranberries, seeds, almonds and maple, this granola has plenty of flavor packed into it. 100% gluten and dairy free, the ingredients are also GFCO certified and are also non-GMO. Why not add a bit of flavor to your granola, without the nasty additives and chemicals. With low saturated fats and sodium, your body will thank you for making the change.

Living Intentions Activated Superfood

living intentions

A big problem with many breakfast cereals, is that they often contain lots of processed ingredients. As a rule of thumb, the more processed something is, the more of its nutrients it loses. This means organic, and raw cereals are jam-packed with nutrition, which will not only give you lots of energy but are also great for your body.

When it comes to raw granola, nobody makes it better than Living Intentions. Featuring organic banana hemp, spirulina, and chlorella, if you need everlasting energy for your busy day, then this is the snack for you. Available in a range of different flavors including dark cacao and jalapeno mojo, this cereal unleashes the true potential of its natural ingredients.

Van’s Simply Delicious Cinnamon Heaven

vans cinnamon heaven

Continuing our list, we have these delicious cinnamon squares that are sure to wake you up in the morning. Created by Van’s, the natural manufacturer (not the skate shoemakers), this treat ticks all of the boxes we mentioned earlier. Filled full of natural cinnamon, organic ingredients, and whole grains, this cereal definitely passes the taste test.

Certified 100% percent gluten-free, kosher, and non-GMO, you can enjoy this cereal without having to worry about any of those nasty extras. With no artificial colors, flavors or high fructose corn syrup, these cinnamon squares are as organic as they come. There’s a reason they’re called cinnamon heaven! Perfect to eat on the go or with almond milk, you’ll wonder where these have been all your life.

Granola Bites By Lark Ellen Farm lark ellen farm vegan cereal

Fancy some granola for breakfast but don’t enjoy eating grains such as wheat and oats? Well don’t worry, you’re not the only one out there! Unlike regular granola that you’ll find in your supermarket, this granola only contains sprouted seeds and nuts. Not only does this add more nutrition to the food, but it also makes them taste so much nicer. By removing the grains such as wheat and oats, you suddenly get a low GI meal that will keep you fueled all day.

100% soy, grain, and dairy free, this breakfast snack is as natural as it gets. So natural in fact that it’s even suitable for paleo diets. Available in five irresistible flavors, including vanilla cinnamon, berrylicious, and cacao cherry, this granola is something you’ll never get bored of.

Gluten Free Bob’s Red Mill Hot Cereal

bobs mill cereal

Just taking the 3rd position on our list is Bob’s Red Mill hot cereal. Manufactured in a dedicated gluten-free facility from whole grain ingredients only, this delicious breakfast snack is Bob’s gift to the world. Created using a mixture of whole grain oats, brown rice, soybeans, oat bran and sunflower seeds, this cereal contains nothing but hand picked goodness for you to enjoy.

Certified as gluten-free, kosher and vegan, Bob’s hot cereal is a fantastic blend of everything natural and delicious. When combined with some raw or dried fruits, you’ll have a tasty combination to start your day. With 5g of protein per serving, you’ll never have to worry about not getting enough daily nutrients. Why settle for subpar breakfast meals? Let Bob show you why he’s the best!

Peanut Butter Puffins

environkidz cereal box

Trying to get kids to eat organic foods can be tricky. Not only are they fussy eaters, but they usually moan when something’s not sweet enough. The manufacturers, Envirokidz, understand that not everyone enjoys eating bland and plain organic foods. However, with these peanut butter panda puffs, they won’t even realize they’re eating 100% organic and gluten-free puffs. Free from synthetic herbicides and pesticides, Envirokidz certainly live up to their name.

Another good thing about this snack is that they don’t contain any artificial colors or preservatives which are known to cause hyperactivity and restlessness in children. Giving young kids mountains of sugar, e numbers and artificial flavors is a recipe for disaster.

P.s. if you’re thinking of buying these for yourself then we don’t blame you – they’re delicious!

Oat My Goodness Granola

oat my goodness granola

Claiming the number 1 spot on our natural cereals list is the appropriately named Oat My Goodness granola. With a name like that, you can just tell it’s going to taste delicious, and it certainly does! Made from old-fashioned oats with vanilla, cashews, pecans, almonds, raisins and a touch of coconut, this all-natural blend of granola is perfect for breakfast and baking.

Ran by a mother-daughter company, the granola is made by hand in small batches with whole nuts, not pieces. This means the ingredients are carefully picked and used to ensure only the best tasting granola is produced. Unlike other organic products out there, this granola passes the taste test with flying colors. So much in fact, that you’ll struggle to stop eating it if you’re not careful!

Cereal Brands Debunked

Is Krave Cruelty Free?

krave cereal box


Krave cereal is one of Kellogg’s most popular products and has been around for many years. Available in a range of flavors including hazelnut, milk chocolate and choco roulette, these cereals are not vegan. From looking at the ingredients list, they all contain several ingredients that are a big no-no for vegans.

Included in the cereals are milk chocolate, skimmed milk powder and whole milk powder. As mentioned before, these are most often found in chocolate cereals are used in the chocolate itself as well as to add flavor and texture to the cereal. As a vegan, you should know how much pain cows have to endure to go through milk farming. You might not actually be drinking milk, but it’s still an animal by-product taken from a cow.

Is Trix Cruelty Free?

trix cereal box


Trix is a children’s cereal produced by General Mills that features a range of fruity flavors in the form of corn puffs. From looking at the ingredients it might not seem like it contains any animal by-products, but by taking a close look there is one ingredient that certainly stands out. Trix contains Red 40 which is also known as Carmine. This ingredient is made from beetles and involves drying, crushing and then boiling the bodies to extract the carminic acid. Usually found in vegan candy and used for coloring, the Red 40 ingredient is used to give the Trix cereal its artificial colors.

In addition to the Red 40, the cereal also contains a lot of other nasty artificial colors including Yellow 6, Blue 1, corn syrup and several acids. If you plan on feeding this to your children then good luck. It’s full of sugars, e numbers and artificial colors that are bound to make them go crazy and hyperactive.

Are Kashi Products Natural?

kashi cereal


Kashi are a US manufacturer that produce a range of organic snacks and foods such as their Kashi GOLEAN cereal. Using an organic approach to their cereals, Kashi focus on “plant-powered passion” that only include wholesome ingredients. On their website, Kashi have a special section that lists all of their vegan cereal products. Some of their other cereals contain ingredients such as milk chocolate, powdered milk, and honey, so making sure they are vegan-friendly is crucial before you buy.

Overall Kashi try their best to produce only the finest and organic vegan friendly cereals. They’re worth taking a look at because they produce some tasty cereals with natural fruits and wheats. Just be sure to double check they don’t contain any milk or honey!