Are Gummy Bears Made From Pig Skin? The Shocking Truth

When was the last time you ate some delicious gummy bears? Did you ever stop to think about how they were made or what’s inside them? Probably not, but you should, because there is a dark secret behind them that many people don’t know about.

Unlike vegan gummy candy manufacturers such as Surf Sweets, traditional manufacturers such as Haribo use a range of animal byproducts in their gummy bears. To give you an idea what goes into these gummy bears, here is a quick video summarizing the entire process of how they are created and what you can find inside them.

How Gummy Bears Are Made

For those of you that didn’t understand what was happening in the video (it is in another language after all), the pig’s skin and bodies are being crushed and burned to produce something called gelatin.

This ingredient is vital in most gummy candies and can be found in many popular brands and products. For those of you that don’t know what gelatin is, it’s a clear and tasteless bonding ingredient that is used to keep the candy together. Without it, the candy would simply fall to bits I would be incredibly difficult to eat. In fact, it would be more like a liquid than physical candy.

To create this gelatin ingredient, it requires a process that involves the carcasses and bones of many pigs. Although you might not taste any meat in your gummy bears, it requires several pig carcasses to make enough gelatin for a packet of gummies.

gummy bears ingredients gelatin

The next time you’re thinking about buying some gummy bears, be sure to check the packaging and the ingredients. If you see the ingredient gelatin listed, then the same process in the video is used to create those gummies. Hopefully, that will make you think twice before buying them and supporting these disgusting corporations that try their best to hide this secret.

Not only are these candies made from pig skin, but they also contain plenty of other nasty ingredients such as artificial coloring and flavors. And that’s not the worst of it, many also contain high fructose corn syrup and literally mountains of sugar. Luckily, there is more than one way to make gummy candies and a handful of ethical manufacturers have appeared in recent years.

Switch To Vegan Gummy Bears Today

If you are disgusted by what you saw in the video (as you should be), then don’t worry, there is good news! There are in fact plenty of manufacturers out there that create a range of vegan and cruelty free gummy bears that don’t contain gelatin.

One of the most popular ethical manufacturers is a company called Surf Sweets that strictly uses natural and organic ingredients to create their gummy bears. This means no nasty corn syrup, artificial colors or flavoring, soy, gluten, or dairy. The result is a completely natural and organic candy that contains no animal byproducts, including the gelatin you saw in the video above.

Oh, and did we mention that you can’t even tell the difference in taste? With so many vegan and cruelty free gummy alternatives out there, there really is no reason to support these outdated manufacturers that slaughter thousands of pigs just to make candy for kids.